Creating a Sims 4 Non-Default Skin

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    Firstly I would like to thank Snaitf of MTS for his work on non-default Sim 4 skins, it’s an invaluable effort.

    However, being a noob to creating S4 CC, I found the instruction a little hard to follow and from the comments I could see I was not the only one.

    So that being said I have created a PDF tutorial in a more simplified format, complete with screenshots to allow other noob’s, like me, get to grips with non-default skinning.

    The process is quite simple and you should definitely have a go yourself. I was able to create a zombie-rot skin for my game, which you can download from my site if you’re interested.
    The Rotfiends

    Let me be clear here, I am not trying to steal anyone’s limelight or take credit for someone else’s work. I am just trying to assist in making the process simpler. If you like this tutorial the please give all and any thanks or praise to Snaitf at MTS.

    Also if you have an easier way or an updated way to make non-default S4 skin tones, please feel free to share.



    Creating a Sims 4 Non Default Skin Tutorial

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