La Boheme Bed Frame

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The La Boheme Bed is a TS2 HolySimoly creation, given a new lease of life for the Sims 4, by me. I have removed the bedding so that it’s just a bed frame which is compatible with customisable bedding; like that of “Wildly Minature Sandwich, Elysian Bedding Mattress” and others.

The original TS2 mesh is in no way my own and I do not take credit for its creation. All credit goes to HolySimoly for their fantastic content.

Feel free to recolour and share;  though credit where credit’s due is always nice 🙂

How to install…

To install into your game, download the zip file and extract all contents to “Documents/Electronic Arts/Sims 4/Mods” folder.


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In game footage with WMS Elysian Matress and various CC.