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A cloak, A cloak, my kingdom for a cloak… It’s hard to find a decent cloak anywhere for TS4. So I decided to take a the best available on TS2 and convert it to TS4. What a nightmare journey it has been!

This cloak is a Sims 4 conversion of Cynnix Hooded Cloak for TS2, All credit for this cloak goes to Cynnix, I’ve merely adapted it for my own purposes in TS4. I have had to rework the original mesh a little to fit the modern day sims of TS4, and as such it is by no means perfect.

I must stress that I am not an experienced mesher and all this, is really just a part time hobby of mine; so please forgive it for being a little rough around the edges. By all means, if you can improve on what I have done so far, please do and please share – it would be nice to have some decent cloaks to swoosh about in! Or if you have some advice on how I can improve it, I am only too happy to listen.

At the moment the cloak is only compatible with Teen to Adult Females. I have had some trouble with larger sims, both overweight and muscular. However with a slight adjustment to shoulder width in CAS it can look ok. I do plan to relase a male version a childs version; however I just need some time to do it.

The cloak appears within CAS > Accessories > Glasses.Some other issues with the cloak are:

  • Its not great with all hairs. It’s a case of trial and error, to see whats good and what’s a pile of pants!
  • The cloak length is not correctly bone assinged. No matter what I try it ends up causing weirdness.
  • Kinda hangs through furniture when sitting down and because of bone assignment, pokes out when sims bend.

The hood is a modification of the TS4 hood and appears within CAS > Hats.
Warning! Elf ears show through the side of the hood, If you have them equipped.


How to install…

To install into your game, download the zip file and extract all contents to “Documents/Electronic Arts/Sims 4/Mods” folder.

The Cloak in Action…

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